About Us

Spencer-Gardner Education Consulting is a US College Eligibility service initiated by Director, Maureen Spencer-Gardner. SGEC combines her lifelong passions for education, sports and young people.

Experience You Can Trust
With more than 30 years of teaching experience in secondary schools, Maureen specialises in leadership roles responsible for student wellbeing and guidance counselling. In her most recent role at a unique sports development school in Melbourne Australia, Maureen was director of student development and wellbeing for almost 10 years.

First-Hand Knowledge
Maureen began her career of placing student-athletes in US colleges in 2000, when she guided her own son through the US college eligibility process. Following an outstanding career in junior basketball in Australia, Luke Spencer-Gardner represented Australia on the ’99 Emus team at the World Championships for Junior Men in Portugal.

In 2000, Luke was recruited by head coach Scott Sutton of NCAA Division I Oral Roberts University. Luke accepted a basketball scholarship to join the ORU Golden Eagles in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He enjoyed an amazing career of athletic and academic success. Read more of Luke’s story.

After graduating with a degree in Biology and Health Sciences, Luke prepared for a career in medicine. He was accepted into the University of Kansas medical school commencing in 2006.

More Than 60 Student-Athletes in US Colleges
Regardless of the sport or the Australian state, Maureen leverages her educational background in Australian high schools with her first-hand experience of US college sports scholarships and academic eligibility.

Since 2000, she has assisted with US college eligibility processes and SAT preparation for more than 60 student-athletes who have gained US college scholarships.

A parent of a swimmer who is currently attending NCAA Div 1 university said:
“Maureen’s experience and services allowed us to comprehensively determine the eligibility of my daughter. She provided additional services in SAT tutoring which assisted my daughter in understanding the process and provided vital preparation prior to her undertaking the SAT. Maureen continued to offer support and advice to my daughter during the difficult time leading up to the year twelve exams. I have since recommended Maureen’s services to two other parents; she has now successfully assisted their children who have gained NCAA scholarships after Maureen guided them through eligibility processes.”

Let Our Experience Work For You
A US college sports scholarship offers the opportunity to study full-time, gain a university degree, and play the sport you love in the highly competitive environment of US college sports. You’ll have an experience of a lifetime. And, you’ll be able to share your Australian culture and develop independence. Let our persistence, passion and pride help you reach your dreams.

  • Persistence – we persevere through the challenges and complexities that can arise during the US college eligibility and admissions processes
  • Passion – we’re eager to help create life-changing opportunities for talented and aspiring student-athletes
  • Pride – we’re proud of young Australian student-athletes, who display fine character and commitment to work hard towards academic and athletic excellence

“Maureen’s extensive knowledge and confident ability to organize college eligibility completely simplified the paperwork implications in applying to a US University … I have the opportunity to become a better basketballer, earn a degree and ultimately grow as a person. It takes courage to leave home, but it’s worth it as I stand to gain so much.”
- Sarah, currently studying and playing basketball in Oklahoma

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